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Don’t Let Mental Fog Ruin Your Results. Get Working with Clarity & Confidence

It’s long been recognised that sales is almost entirely a mental game.

As I look out across London this morning we are shrouded in a layer of thick fog. Which reminds me of the feeling that can easily develop mentally if you don’t have a clear and structured approach to your sales process.

As sales leaders and sales professionals, we owe it to ourselves to stick to the processes and structures that bring us consistent success.

The challenge is that unlike other professions such as accountancy or production who have strict guidelines to work to, it’s easy for the sales team to deviate.

Here are 3 areas to use consistently to clear any mental fog!

  1. Plan you Territory Management.
    By clearly identifying an A, B & C status for your customers you ensure you dedicate time efficiently based on their potential rather than who is shouting loudest for your time and attention! Planning strategically the frequency of your visits will ensure you have a clear focus on where and when you will invest your valuable time.
  1. Plan your Account Management.
    Create a clear set of objectives for protecting and developing your key A – Accounts. Focusing on where you can add real value to their organisation. Next create an annual plan of events in advance that allow you to develop these key relationships in a meaningful way.
  1. Plan your Sales Opportunity Management.
    Ensure you invest enough time to really manage the key sales opportunities in your pipeline. If you try to take on too many opportunities, you will end up a busy fool with lower conversion rates. Identify your ‘Must Win’ projects and use smart tools to ensure you have systematically covered all the bases.

    Working in this way is refreshing both as a sales manager or a top sales person, it removes doubt and fear replacing them with clarity and confidence!