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Which of the 3 Ways to Motivate Your Team Are You Using?

Motivation is a fragile thing one minute it’s there the next it’s gone! Disappearing like the Spring morning mist.

If you are a sales manager maintaining your team’s level of motivation is a key priority. You know how important it is to them achieving top sales results.

However, here’s the challenge, you are under pressure to deliver results and it’s easy to fall into the trap of choosing the wrong way to motivate your team.

There are only three alternatives.

Coercion   – You’re using force and threats to try and motivate people to action. This ultimately is weak as it only works if you’re present. And as soon as your absent people will return to their previous behaviour.

Peer Pressure – You’re using normative or peer pressure to motivate the individual, “everyone else is doing this… why aren’t you?” But this type of approach is not very effective. It’s prone to the fickle nature of the group who can readily change their ideas or position.

Enlightened Self-interest – This is really the only effective method to motivate because motivation is an inside job, not an external one. It’s   based on the individual’s level of self-interest.

Enlightened manager’s sense this and they look to ensure that along with the achievement of company objectives, the sales person links their results with specific personal goals they want to achieve. As a manager, this involves taking a personal interest in the sales person and devoting time to get to know what motivates them personally. It’s an investment of your time and energy. But here’s my question. What’s the alternative?

Ultimately, what price would you put on having a highly motivated sales team?