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How have you set your sails? For Opportunity or Scarcity.

Change represents opportunity.

But uncertainty is certain to lead to indecision which could be very helpful to you, potentially.

The current UK/EU uncertainty will paralyse your competition, slow their innovation and produce demotivated sales teams.

The same wind blows to us all.

But how you set your sails …that’s up to you.

So will you capture the competitive advantage?

With all the media noise and excitement many this week are losing focus on their goals and top objectives.

Remember 2008 the majority battened down the hatches, stopped marketing, limited R&D product development and reduced their sales activities.

Whilst others saw the opportunity to take the competitive advantage from an uncertain situation.

They improved the quality and frequency of their marketing. In doing so they captured existing and potential client’s attention while there was a vacant space.

They invested in R&D, producing new products and service offerings. By completing these projects on time they were ready to fly as the market recovered. This positive stance paid dividends as it kept them well ahead of their competition who were still stuck in first gear when they finally decided to re-enter the market late.

So what’s the lesson?

Think twice before you let go of your positive mindset it will always be your most valuable asset. Regardless of circumstance.

In future months and years there will be winners and losers that’s the reality. But the question I’d like to leave you to┬áconsider is.

What will you decide to see, opportunity or scarcity?

The wind is blowing but you choose how you set your sails.