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Discipline x Organisation = SPEED

Do you know the 1st Law of the Universe?


Our universe, displays extraordinary design from the  planets in perfect orbit to the pollution free recycling water system everything works in harmony.

How about your business world?
Does order reign here or are you constantly chasing your tail?

One reason could be that IT’s pace is far ahead of our ability to implement it.
Also technology has rapidly increased the pace of communication and this has impacted the expectation of our clients regarding response times.

To gain control we must make the sales support process easier for sales people.

So before you implement any new CRM sales apps ask yourself.

This app is efficient but is it effective in getting results?

Too often IT CRM and apps are designed by IT for IT , not for sales.

Making CRM reporting easy and fast ¬†is a major factor in getting sales people’s buy-in which is vital for true adoption.

Unfortunately, the reality I’m seeing in many top organisations is that their CRM systems are poorly administered and infrequently used professionally by sales teams. There is a lack of order leading to lost deals , wasted time and energy which is hurting customer relationships and the bottom line.

The excuse you’ll hear time after time is….I don’t have time to do it.

The reality is can you afford to waste your time and energy working ineffectively?

Forget Time Management it’s an ridiculous concept. Time moves on at the same rate and has done for millennia, so you can’t manage it.

However what you can manage is yourself (Discipline)? and your tasks.(Organisation)

Here is a great equation I learned from Dr Alan Weiss PhD at Summit Consulting that encapsulates it perfectly.

Discipline x Organisation = SPEED

I’d encourage you to take a step back and review your sales process over the coming week. Is it really driving growth and profit into your business?

If you’d like some fresh ideas on how you can improve the status quo look at a brief video highlighting the 5 pillars of Sales Management to benchmark your current strengths and areas you can improve.


Implement these processes and you will be well on your way to creating order and higher sales results.