Monthly Archives: October 2016

Do you have the Attributes of a Great Sales Leader?

In addition to all the strategy and tactics of sales management, there’s another aspect to your success which is much more foundational and related to your own personal development. It’s your ability to communicate and positively influence lead your team. What’s really interesting is your success in this area is based almost entirely on just …

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Are you investing in your sales manager?

At this time of year you’re probably setting out your sales strategy for 2017. The usual suspects are there in the budget, including some sales training for the team. Often this will be passed on to HR for them to organise a generic sales training workshop which ticks the box. I know I sat through …

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Are You Maximising Your Internal Sales Team’s Potential?

Today customers are finding you before you find them. The increased importance of inbound sales marketing methods is clear to see. However, who is the first person to respond to an inbound sales inquiry? Often it’s the internal sales support team or customer service departments that handle these calls and emails. They have a unique …

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