Monthly Archives: December 2022

Are You Investing in Your Most Valuable Sales Asset?

I know it’s shocking but training your salespeople won’t get you the peak performance results you want. Today smart companies across the globe are waking up to an important fact. They must invest in and empower their sales managers if they want to achieve maximum performance. We must stop the erroneous idea that promoting good …

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Are You Neglecting Your Top Sales Performers?

I was asked last week by a senior sales manager why two of his top performers results had dropped in recent months. So, I’d like to share three key reasons this can happen. Top performers are often first to be neglected. We assume they are feeling great and will automatically continue producing high-level results. This …

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Banish Your Fear of Sales Rejection

Language is powerful, using it skilfully you will control and influence the discussion, which influences the relationship and ultimately the business results. There’s a direct link between these three elements. If you’re in a sales, then language is the primary tool of your trade. Therefore, you need to continually improve your use of this vital …

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