Monthly Archives: January 2020

Rapidly Grow Your Sales with a Sharper Sales Process!

Can you show me your sales process? Often when you ask sales managers this question they give you some sort of verbal description. They explain how their leads are produced, followed up by the sales team and orders managed. However, ask them to provide a diagram of the process and you often get a blank …

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How to Ensure Your 2020 Business Plan Get Results? – 5 Keys for Successful Growth.

This time of year, business leaders are starting to implement their strategy for 2020. They know they can’t leave this implementation to chance. Their competitors will be doing the same and no doubt looking to take their market share! Your strategy may be good but often it’s the implementation that is all wrong. That’s because there …

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How to Embrace Change and Thrive!

Most individuals find change uncomfortable. Don’t let fear of change stop you embracing exciting possibilities and new experiences! We are living through a period of unprecedented change at a relentless pace. It touches millions and reaches across political, economic and geographical boundaries. In this state of constant change its only natural to want a sense …

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