Monthly Archives: January 2017

Don’t Let Mental Fog Ruin Your Results. Get Working with Clarity & Confidence

It’s long been recognised that sales is almost entirely a mental game. As I look out across London this morning we are shrouded in a layer of thick fog. Which reminds me of the feeling that can easily develop mentally if you don’t have a clear and structured approach to your sales process. As sales …

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Are You Productive or Busy?

Of course you’re productive! But tell me what’s the biggest challenge to executing all the great plans and goals you have? Very often isn’t it all the minor everyday interruptions that distract your thoughts, rob your focus and soak up your valuable time? If you can relate, here are 3 keys to overcoming the Busy …

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Are You Harnessing The Power Of Commendation?

3 Keys to motivating a high-performance team. As a sales leader, you constantly work to set the pace and direction for your  organisation. As we head back to work after the Winter holidays getting this year’s sales strategy implemented and the team fully motivated can be a challenge! So how can you GIVE EFFECTIVE ENCOURAGEMENT …

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