Monthly Archives: September 2018

What More Customer Meetings? Make Your Value Jump Out!

“Why is it so hard to get some decent meetings in the diary?” If that sounds familiar you are not alone! Creating a constant stream of customer facing meetings each and every week can be a challenge. Nearly every salesperson is charged with the same goal of hitting an agreed number of customer meetings each …

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As a Sales Manager, what have you done to maximise your value to the team?

As a Sales Manager, what is your responsibility to add value to your team? No doubt, sharing your experience, transferring your knowledge and developing the maximum potential of each individual are all key aspects that come to mind. However, it’s a tough question to answer with the pace of today’s sales environment. All too often …

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6 Killer Reasons Why You Need Effective CRM usage to Maximise Your Sales.

Manchester September 25th. More firms than you would ever imagine both small, medium and larger organisations, still have little or no visibility and control over their sales revenue. They often fall into two camps, either they have no CRM system at all and rely on a myriad of spread sheets and disparate reports to attempt …

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