Monthly Archives: November 2016

4 Keys to Maximising Sales

1. Right People – Foundational to creating high performance is getting the right team in place. No other activity can substitute for the work done at this initial stage. Creating a professional sales recruitment process will save you hours and hundreds of thousands in revenue. Focus on discovering the qualities that have made sales people …

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Are Assumptions your Assassin’s?

How many of us have at one time made an assumption about a person, company or situation that proved completely incorrect? All of us if we are perfectly honest have fallen into this trap at one time or another but…why? Well, do we make assumptions about people we meet in a nano-second? Yes, absolutely we …

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Does Your 2017 Sales Strategy Include These 5 Winning Elements?

This time of year business leaders are heads down in planning and strategy for 2017. As you review results this year and look for growth in 2017, you know you can’t leave this planning to chance. Your competitors will be doing the same and no doubt looking to take your market share! Many people are doing …

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