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Don’t Let Mental Fog Ruin Your Results. Get Working with Clarity & Confidence

It’s long been recognised that sales is almost entirely a mental game. As I look out across London this morning we are shrouded in a layer of thick fog. Which reminds me of the feeling that can easily develop mentally if you don’t have a clear and structured approach to your sales process. As sales …

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Discipline x Organisation = SPEED

Do you know the 1st Law of the Universe? Order. Our universe, displays extraordinary design from the  planets in perfect orbit to the pollution free recycling water system everything works in harmony. How about your business world? Does order reign here or are you constantly chasing your tail? One reason could be that IT’s pace …

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Don’t be a quotation Hamster!

Over the last three weeks I’ve had meetings with several Managing Directors and Sales Directors and a similar issue keeps coming up. “We have loads of inquiries coming in and our sales people and running to keep up with the quotations, but we are seeing a drop in project wins!” As the market becomes more …

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