Monthly Archives: February 2017

How Can You Make Your Board Meetings 100% More Effective Overnight?

Nearly every board meeting, committee or city hall meeting I’ve ever attended, unless it was chaired by a very skilled individual, vacillated between strategy and tactics. They were all over the place! This lack of clarity causes many organisations to never really decide on anything. A simple equation that clarifies this situation is: A strategy …

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Like The Emperor’s New Clothes… Is Your CRM Giving You A False Sense Of Control?

How many firms really possess accurate information on their sales forecast and overall sales pipeline? Take a walk around the departments in your organisation and you will see many departments that are much more advanced than sales. They enjoy a fundamental understanding of their internal workings, and are able to direct their day to day …

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Leverage Your Uncertainty for Peak Performance!

We all should learn to live with an amount of uncertainty in life that’s only normal! But early in the year it’s easy to let these feelings of doubt and uncertainty take over as you think about achieving this year’s business target. Today, I’d like to share with you an experience that I think you …

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