Monthly Archives: October 2018

How to stop inaccurate forecasting keeping you up at night!

Working continually with sales managers to improve performance; one key issue I know that frustrates them is the problem of inaccurate sales forecasts. There is nothing worse than having a sleepless night knowing you need to present sales results that are far adrift from your forecast figures to the board the next morning. So, what …

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Excellence: A Commitment to Completion

Do you find it easy to start new projects but then lose focus, get distracted and drift off course? You’re not alone in feeling that way. Over the last ten years of working with top sales leaders and their teams, I’ve noted it’s their commitment to completion that has been one of the outstanding hallmarks …

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Creating Dynamic Customer Engagement for Consistent Sales Results

(original content created in collaboration with Amanda Hughes BLUM.) The way companies and individuals buy products and services today has changed dramatically. Today, customers no longer want to buy from salespeople they want to speak with experts who can add value and help them quickly achieve their objectives. Today, instead of salespeople qualifying which customers …

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