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Improve Your Sales Language!

Language is powerful, by its skilful use you control and influence the discussion, which influences the relationship and ultimately the business results. There’s a direct line between these three elements. If you’re in a sales, then language is the primary tool of your trade. Therefore, it behoves you to continually improve your use of this …

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Are Your Internal Sales Team Driving Sales Growth?

Today customers are finding you before you find them. The increased importance of inbound sales marketing methods is clear to see. However, who is the first person to respond to an inbound sales inquiry? Normally, your internal sales team or customer service department handle these calls and emails. They have a unique opportunity to capture …

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What are the qualities of a great sales leader?

In addition to all the strategies and tactics of sales management we often discuss in this blog, there’s another aspect to your success which is much closer to home. Your ability to communicate and positively influence your team. What’s really interesting is that your success in this area is based almost entirely on just two …

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How do you monetize your internal teams?

This week I’d like to share a couple of ideas to grow revenue right in your own backyard. Every company has valuable people and resources locked away internally that have real potential to become revenue producing assets. Often these opportunities are missed because employees simply don’t have ‘sales’ in their job title or description. But …

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Will you fall into the success trap?

Success feels good. You have worked hard for your great sales results this year. So, why would I rain on your parade by talking about the trap of success? Because there are two common success traps to avoid that will keep your results consistent and you out of the dreaded sales boom and bust scenario. …

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What More Customer Meetings? Make Your Value Jump Out!

“Why is it so hard to get some decent meetings in the diary?” If that sounds familiar you are not alone! Creating a constant stream of customer facing meetings each and every week can be a challenge. Nearly every salesperson is charged with the same goal of hitting an agreed number of customer meetings each …

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As a Sales Manager, what have you done to maximise your value to the team?

As a Sales Manager, what is your responsibility to add value to your team? No doubt, sharing your experience, transferring your knowledge and developing the maximum potential of each individual are all key aspects that come to mind. However, it’s a tough question to answer with the pace of today’s sales environment. All too often …

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If you’re not investing in your Sales Manager you’re missing a trick!

Investing only in frontline sales training won’t get you peak performance results. Today smart companies across the globe are waking up to an important fact.

They must invest and empower their sales managers to achieve maximum performance.

We must stop this erroneous notion that by promoting good sales people they will naturally become great managers. They won’t because ‘Sales Management’ is a completely different role.

So, here are 5 reasons why every company should be investing in training and developing their sales managers.

  1. Set the pace. – They are the ones that set the pace and create the atmosphere for the whole team to achieve high performance.
  2. Direct link between boardroom & field. – They are the ones who can effectively communicate the strategy and direction from the boardroom and translate that into meaningful sales activities to be implemented in the field.
  3. Know their numbers. – They must understand their sales figures, and be able to read them like a book! Spotting pipeline pitfalls and forecast potential blockages with the ability to help their team overcome them.
  4. Leverage their experience. – They need the tools and coaching skills for a strong Knowledge Transfer, developing everyone by multiplying their skills throughout the team.
  5. Breed Loyalty – A good manager will be able to win the hearts and minds of their team. This is another valuable quality when you consider the high cost and impact of staff retention on your organisation. The person in the role of sales manager can dramatically affects the bottom line, but they need to know the qualities required to lead.

When you think about these 5 points is very evident that investing and empowering your sales manager is the key to superb results.

For additional insights checkout, the attached visual – -The Essence of Thriving Sales Organisation’ and listen to the podcast – ‘Empowering your sales manager to lead the team.’

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Can you afford to lose £500k this year?

“Why don’t more of our new recruits become real top producers?” “We always seem to be re-hiring for the same positions!” Does this sound familiar? Retaining current talent and attracting new talent has a massive impact on business success. I’d like to make a case that for every time a sales person leaves it cost …

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As a Sales Manager…Who do I push, when and how? Without being a PITA!

I was recently asked the above question, and it’s a good one. As sales leaders, we all want to be in full control of our forecast, pipeline and close to our sales team. However, as this question suggests there is a fine line between being really on it, and being a pain in the a**. …

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