Does Knowing Your Sales Data Really Impact Your Results?

I recently heard a sales team complaining about having to keep their sales opportunities up to date.

Sure, I get how you feel, like this is wasted time away from actual selling time.

“It’s just admin I hate…”

But is that the right perspective?

No it’s not and here is why.

If you don’t know your sales numbers you are living without clarity and dangerously close to smoking that favourite sales drug ‘hopium’.

Even having accurate basic information like your closing date, opportunity value and correct stage in the sales pipeline are vital to determine where to prioritise your daily efforts and activities.

Without this accurately kept up to date you will actually be wasting valuable time and resources rather than being laser focused on achieving sales results.

Keeping your data fresh and clean will have an impact on your results.

  1. It keeps your mind clear and confident as you know exactly where you are.
  2. Your sales manager will love you because you can provide a decent forecast.
  3. At a glance you can see the opportunities that require attention to move forward or to close.

So, go now and look at your pipeline. If it’s messy and out of date commit to clearing out the deadwood and getting it accurate and up to date.

I guarantee you will feel mentally refreshed and more confident before you leave work today just by getting your numbers right.

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