Effective Social Media for Busy Salespeople in 15mins a Day

How can you leverage the power of social media on a daily basis?

With so many potential contacts, leads and content available it’s no wonder salespeople sometimes feel overwhelmed.

So, let’s look at some practical tips to organise your activities and maximise results all with just a few minutes a day.

  1. Check Twitter Lists – create lists for clients, media, targets and competitors. This will reduce information flow and give you laser focus. Like, share, Re tweet comments, including company posts.
  2. Check Linkedin – like, comment and share etc. Demonstrate you are an active part of the community.
  3. Bookmark ‘recent activity URL’ from Linkedin – of key contacts and save into a folder on the bookmark bar. Check out the links daily so you don’t miss an update from your contact. Or alternatively pay for Sales Navigator and receive updates automatically.
  4. Plan one EXCELLENT post a week on Linkedin – think about what your contacts would be interested in. It could be a shared article, a new brochure, or a TED talk. Or create your own article if you have something valuable to share like a case study that demonstrates how others have overcome challenges and the results they achieved. Do this in a meaningful way not just because you feel you should post something.

For some great additional ideas on leveraging social media to do research, make new connections and make meetings check out this webinar with Sara Pearce of Saffron Pea media.


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