Is Your Outreach Creating Curiosity or Sales Resistance?

“Sorry we already have that sorted by someone else.”


“we don’t have the budget for it now thanks”


That feeling when this is how the conversation STARTS!

If you’re hearing this, maybe it’s Your old methods that are the cause.

Sceptical and Time Poor prospects won’t respond if you’re not 100% focused on solving the problems they’re dealing with right now.

Old school sales methods taught you to ‘pitch’ your company, product or service…blah,blah,blah

Tough Truth….No one cares.

If you want to capture their attention start by highlighting 2 or 3 key problems you resolve for clients.

Ask if they would be opposed to exploring any hidden gaps in their…xyz…that could be causing them to ….waste time…pay extra costs etc..

Does that make sense?

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