Let’s Recreate Your ‘Best’ 2021 Workday Ever

Too many of us are attempting to simply ‘copy & paste’ our pre-pandemic 8-hour workday into a work from home situation.

Do you agree it’s simply not working?

We’re feeling unhealthy, unproductive and most importantly, we know it’s not sustainable.

So, let’s rethink and recreate our ‘best’ workday for 2021.

We need a holistic approach that helps enhance our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. These topics could fill volumes but here are five (5) essential elements and how we can apply them immediately to improve every aspect of our working life.

Movement – Our bodies were designed to move but WFH has reduced this to a minimum. Here’s an amazing way to increases oxygen into the bloodstream, boosts circulation and use nitric oxide to dramatically burn calories and raise metabolism in just 4 minutes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwJCJToQmps

As a family we love doing some stretching exercise like Pilates with Katja on YouTube to relax, release stress and ease the joint pain from being cooped up at home indoors! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnG0I-M6GkCyhG_pofQKJ1A

Sprint Sessions – Our brain can only focus on an optimal level for a period of 30-45 minutes, which explains why sitting at a desk for hours is counterproductive.

After this 45-minute period your brain needs to take a break for 15 minutes. Making this one change you will see an incredible shift in your productivity, but the secret is to rest before you get tired, so, resist any urge to simply press on and keep working.


Switching to working in ‘Sprint Sessions’ is a simple and easy adjustment to make but you must respect this time and turn off all alerts and distractions and focus only on the task at hand.

Once your ‘sprint’ is over, force yourself to take 15 minutes to mentally refresh, pop outside in the garden, go for a walk or do a chore. Then come back fresh for your next focused sprint session. Test this idea out over a few days and note the difference in your productivity and results. I think you’ll be amazed at the difference.

Out in Nature – Getting outside into nature even if it’s just a walk in the park or better yet in woods or the countryside has a restorative effect. We all need some headspace to create peace of mind and feel the benefit from a much-needed change of scenery. First thing in the morning is the ideal time to do this as it sets you up for the day.

Plus, if you don’t have to commute right now this will be much more energising start to your day.

Joy Breaks – Each day block out a couple of times in the day to do something you just enjoy doing. Something fun and relaxing as a reward for the focused productive work you’ve achieved. Call a friend for a chat, listen to a favourite song, watch a funny video …whatever you enjoy.

Feed Your Brain & Body – Our body and mind need quality fuel to feel great. Starting the day with a healthy breakfast gives you the energy and mental stability you deserve.

Poor hydration is linked to a large number of health issues, lack of concentration, headaches and many other pains. It’s one of the easiest problems to fix but commonly we don’t monitor our water intake till we are thirsty which indicates we are already dehydrated, and our body is struggling to function.

This handy hydration tool gives you a good indicator of the amount you need to drink daily to keep healthy.


Try out these 5 Simple steps and transform your workday!

Committed to Your Sales Success!


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