Are You Harnessing The Power Of Commendation?

3 Keys to motivating a high-performance team.

As a sales leader, you constantly work to set the pace and direction for your ¬†organisation. As we head back to work after the Winter holidays getting this year’s sales strategy implemented and the team fully motivated can be a challenge!

So how can you GIVE EFFECTIVE ENCOURAGEMENT that will motivate your team to implement your sales strategy in 2017?

Successful managers understand that commendation and encouragement are effective in helping to improve the level of engagement from their teams. People need commendation for applying the direction, they have been given. And this encouragement boosts their enthusiasm to continue doing the right actions day in day out. We all need encouragement whether we are fresh to sales or seasoned pros; encouragement helps us to develop both professionally and emotionally.

You might think this approach is a bit soft and unnecessary but there is pragmatic value here.

You nail down strategy and tactics by giving encouragement.

Why do most strategies fail? Normally it’s due to a lack of proper implementation. So this is not some tacky management technique to influence people. Rather it’s investing your time and energy wisely in developing your personal relationships with others. Which if you want to achieve any meaningful long-term results will depend on the support and contribution from everyone in your team.

Though people know what is right, doing the right thing becomes their way of working through our constant encouragement.

Here are 3 keys to making this impactful.

1. Show appreciation for the fine efforts and positive qualities of fellow workers.

Look out for the specific qualities you want the team to develop . The ones you always look for when recruiting. As a reminder why not see the special report;

2. Seize opportunities to encourage others.

If we see something that merits commendation, why hold back? If we can offer a word of encouragement, why not speak up? We will very likely find that if we make it a habit to be encouraging, people will encourage us in return. Which creates a positive sales environment where people are truly engaged and motivated.

3. Be sincere and specific.

General words of encouragement and commendation are helpful, but being specific is better. For example, we could tell our team individually what we appreciate about the progress they are making. For example, We might tell an experienced sales person what impresses us about their efforts to keep refreshing their approach and presentations. Or their continual efforts to widen their network by adding new contacts, rather than relying on their same old favourites. Perhaps commending a sales person for the diligent time and effort she has put into maintaining excellent project information in the CRM. Such commendation and encouragement can do so much good!

I encourage you to get 2017 off to a flying start by focusing on all the good work being done and letting people know!

Let me take this opportunity to thank all of my clients for their efforts in working together to create great results!

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