Banish Your Fear of Sales Rejection

Language is powerful, using it skilfully you will

  • control and influence the discussion, which
  • influences the relationship and
  • ultimately the business results.

There’s a direct link between these three elements.

If you’re in a sales, then language is the primary tool of your trade. Therefore, you need to continually improve your use of this vital asset.

Let’s look at how you can maximise the impact of your language with clients to reduce sales pressure and remove any fear of rejection.

Adopt a Value Driven Mentality

The notion that you are a vendor trying to sell your wares in a subservient position is simply erroneous and counterproductive to both you and your prospective client.

The reason you are engaging in this conversation with another professional, is to establish whether you can mutually improve each other’s situation.

Your role in this conversation is to see if your expertise, previous client experiences and innovative ideas might add value to your prospective client.

So, forget trying to make a sale, instead start by asking insightful questions that uncover people’s objectives and then focus on providing suggestions for them to achieve the new level of results they desire.

When you start with the correct mentality it will reduce your fear of rejection, improve your confidence and enable you to use language effectively to create meaningful discussions your prospects will find engaging and valuable.

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Dedicated to Your Continued Sales Success


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