Are You Neglecting Your Top Sales Performers?

I was asked last week by a senior sales manager why two of his top performers results had dropped in recent months.

So, I’d like to share three key reasons this can happen.

  1. Top performers are often first to be neglected.

We assume they are feeling great and will automatically continue producing high-level results. This is disrespectful and assumptive on management’s part. When was the last time you acknowledged or recognised a top performing person verbally or in a substantive way?

Sales is a learned skill that needs constant development and re-calibration. If you owned a high performance sports car you wouldn’t expect top performance if you never made the investment into regular servicing and maintenance. Your team are no different.

If you ensure everyone receives regular coaching and development in the most effective and relevant sales strategies and technology advances it keeps their approach fresh and focused on adding value to customers.

  1. Top performers can easily forget what got them to the top.

It’s not uncommon for top sales people to experience a slump or slow patch. Their results look like a typical bell curve diagram. One reason is that they become very adept at recognising the challenges and issues faced by clients.

This is a great asset but it can also be a double edged sword if they forget the need to spend sufficient time investigating clients individual situation. If they jump in and offer solutions too early they meet with resistance from the prospect. They don’t feel the salesperson understands their situation well enough and the solutions are seen as generic.

They must remember that gaining this deeper understanding of the clients situation is the key element in building the trust  they require for the relationship to grow.

So review the basics, ensure good questioning and Active listening hasn’t lapsed.

  1. Top performers need to keep it fresh.

It’s tough to stay 100% motivated year in year out. Often months or years can pass without a proper review of their aspirations and the opportunities for growth. Perhaps that’s within sales, bigger accounts, international business or using their experience in a management role. Or do they desire additional development or education opportunities. In any event make sure you have this conversation before your competition does!

Don’t procrastinate, review your team today on these 3 points. Discover who you might be neglecting and make sure your team is onboard and in top shape to start 2023.

I hope this is useful and welcome your comments.

Committed to Your continued sales success!


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