Know Your Blind Spots For Consistent Sales Growth

The truth is we all like to think we have a complete perspective on our situation.

But in the immortal words of Socrates the reality is “you don’t know what you don’t know”.

This was brought home to me recently whilst motorway driving and about to change lane when I very nearly hit an overtaking truck.

Highly embarrassing? Yes very. Potentially fatal? Quite possibly. Avoidable? Definitely.

I just didn’t see it, or more to the point I didn’t look over my shoulder for a better view, I foolishly relied on a brief look in the wing mirror.

So, what’s the point?

Blind spots, we all have them and those that don’t acknowledge that fact are even more at risk of damaging themselves and those around them.

The problem is when you are working for one organisation no matter now good, you are in the same environment and daily breathing the same air.

Which often becomes breathing your own exhaust if you don’t actively seek fresh ideas and outside perspectives.

The clients I see that adopt an alternative method make faster progress. They have learned to incorporate regular audits and checklists into their sales process.

Being willing on a regular basis to ‘get under the hood’ and really see what’s going on delivers insight quickly.

It enables them to identify key blind spots and make rapid improvements on a continual basis.

So, what have you done recently to develop this effective approach in your organisation?

Here’s my invitation to you. Over the next 14 days, grab one of the available slots below for your free 30min.

Sales Strategy Session – & Create your own Sales Audit Action Plan.

I look forward to having some fresh discussions!

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