Sales Times Change Will You?

We’re all facing the economic winds of change and in sales that means we need to change fast too!

Whilst nearly every media agency is focusing on a pending recession, what will be your focus?

The same wind blows to us all…but how will you set your sails, that’s up to you.

Instead of letting media noise distract you from reaching your goals, why not see these changes as an opportunity.

The reality is this uncertainly will cause many companies and salespeople to become indecisive, procrastinate and lost their drive for growth. I’m already hearing this attitude in several conversations I’ve had this month alone.

If your team were losing matches or underperforming would you close down your training ground? Or cancel your players regular coaching?

If a football manager suggested that approach it would be seen as totally illogical.

So why do so many executives adopt a similar attitude?

The truth is while others are thinking of restricting or dropping budgets for development you have the opportunity to capture market share and gain a real competitive advantage.

Would you agree that when times are good we don’t focus as much on improving our sales approaches or processes. Plus when all is going well there is a tendency to become complacent.

However, if results start to slide it’s a different story right?

So, why not use the next 60 days to focus on making improvements to the activities that are under your control to improve results.

What process could you enhance or improve in your sales approach?

These improvements don’t require any big investment rather a re-direction of existing time or resources that can dramatically improve performance and productivity.

Often clients tell me all they needed was an opportunity to step back from the day to day work and see things from a fresh or different perspective.

So, if you are not opposed to exploring potential sales blind spots that might be causing you to lose sales you could be winning let’s start a conversation.

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