Leverage Your Sales Content to Increase Customer Engagement!

With so many web meetings, ensuring customer engagement has become a priority.

Working virtually provides you with the opportunity to use sales content more effectively and imaginatively than you did previously in a face to face meetings.

Here are some guidelines to help you create real engagement from your sales content.

  1. Seamless demos and presentations guide conversations with an agility that is often not possible in person. By creating a virtual ‘tool kit’ you can draw from that allows you to adapt to different circumstances. Then ensure you become very comfortable and confident using your technology platform.
  2. Create a logical interactive pathway that leads the conversation, covers issues, and continually building trust and engagement.
  3. Vital to align presentations to both the stage of the sales process and personalize it to the situation
  4. Create precise content in a useful range to deal with outreach email, social media posts and web meetings.
  5. Make sure your content helps the decision-making process!
    Disconnected content requires more energy to sift through and delays someone taking the next step.
  6. In ‘Virtual’ delivery it’s harder to read the room.

Continually, confirm that you content is resonating with your audience by using viewpoint questions.

If not STOP and make a course correction. Maybe share a Whiteboard and encourage clients to map out the challenges and a solution together.

Investing the time to create this engaging sales content will pay off massively as your meeting with flow and reach successful conclusions more frequently.

If you’d like more resources on this topic here’s a link to a full webinar https://www.linearstructure.com/video/how-to-create-an-outstanding-virtual-customer-experience/

“Dedicated to Your Continued Sales Success!”


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