What is your sales focus?

Many companies are still not moving fast enough in adopting a sales focus that delivers value to buyers.  The training their salespeople receive still encourages them to lead conversations based on the attributes and capabilities of their product or service.

Whilst this may have worked in the past it’s a real turn off to today’s buyers. One reason is that these people are already quite capable of doing their own research, competitive analysis and obtaining social proof. They are already ahead in the buying process and need salespeople who understand this and can join the rapidly on the same page.

So, is it time you looked at your company’s or your personal sales focus?

Are you still focusing your meetings around ‘educating’ your buyer on products, services, features and benefits?

It’s time to shift that mind-set and focus on creating business outcomes.

Buyers do want your help and they will meet with you but you need to demonstrate you can add value early on in the conversation.

This requires you to do your homework. You need to be familiar with the key issues facing your buyer’s sector or industry. Enabling you to deliver meaningful insights that demonstrate how you can help them achieve their business goals.

Often sellers struggle to do this because they are stuck in their comfort zone talking only about THEIR product or Service. They lack the ability to differentiate themselves by being able and comfortable discussing key business challenges and objectives.

Having this wider sector knowledge and context together with an in-depth understanding of your own industry gives you credibility.

It enables you to show new ways to drive strong business results and collaborate with buyers in creating solid solutions that can deliver real value.

Demonstrating your capabilities is still important but your focus must be on value + differentiation = Business Transformation.

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