Are You Watching Your Language? Your 2019 Sales Results May Depend on It!

As a Sales leader, you know your own mind-set is critical to the performance of your team. And this has never been more relevant than at the start of an uncertain 2019.

Salespeople deserve a lot of respect, they are the ones who daily face the rejection and disappointments that come with the role, and let’s not forget they are the ones companies rely on month in month out to produce the business that keeps everyone employed!

Sales is a great profession, but it’s not without the constant pressure to achieve and exceed target. When you analyse it, I believe over 90% of any sales success is intrinsically linked to confidence and a high level of self-worth. That’s why as a sales leader you need to watch your own thoughts and language very carefully to ensure you always maintain a positive mind-set. Any negativity on your part about the market or customers will cascade down throughout your team with detrimental results.

Yes, there’s uncertainty, and the Brexit saga will have to run its course, but that is largely outside your control.

The good news is there is plenty you should be focusing your efforts on now that is within your control. I’d like to encourage you to take some positive action and compete a sales audit of your own organisation and team to identify where you can maximise performance and competitive advantage.

In the last few months, I have done this for a number of successful clients and every time we have discovered several areas to drive sales growth without requiring additional resources. By improving existing sales processes and investing time and effort more wisely to increasing conversion rates have all produced results. This focus on tightening up performance is the best form of insurance against external uncertainty.

So, if this is something on your mind I’d like to start a conversation and share some ideas and insights from other successful companies to see if they can add value to your organisation.

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