Furniture Makers Best Practice Day November 28th

BLUM & Linear Consulting hosted

Creating Customer Engagement that Delivers Loyalty & Revenue Growth.”

In this month’s newsletter, I wanted to share some insights from a recent interactive seminar we ran with BLUM UK focusing on creating dynamic customer engagement. The group comprising of twelve companies from different sectors, worked together, sharing their common challenges and collating their best practice ideas. The link to the attached document summarises some key insights and practical tips from the day to assist in implementing your own highly-effective customer engagement program.

Amanda Hughes the Blum Customer Experience Centre Manager introduced the day by describing the journey they have been on since identifying a need to engage more profoundly with every aspect of their customer network. She told the group how creating the Experience Centre had added real value both to distributors, retailers, installers and customers, enhancing their loyalty and helping drive revenue growth.

One key business driver behind making the investment in the Blum Experience Centre was the realisation that customers didn’t know the ‘WHY’ behind the company’s culture, products, people and passion, everything that differentiates them and adds value to their customers.

Following a review of these Best Practice ideas, Peter Holland and Amanda presented, the theme, ‘How to Create a Customer Engagement Program’. This highlighted some key challenges and pitfalls to avoid, together with insights on how to attract, develop and retain ‘Life-Time’ clients. Then as group we discussed planning the journey and the specific steps to ensure a successful implementation across the company.

After lunch the group enjoyed a tour of the Experience Centre and saw first-hand how Blum have engaged successfully with both their direct distributors, retailers, installers and end-users, enabling them to listen and engage in ways they simply could not have done in a formal meeting environment.

Feedback from the group was very positive and they all enjoyed the opportunity to network and share ideas with like-minded peers together with receiving some fresh ideas and innovative content to develop their own customer engagement programs.

At the conclusion of the day, we were all better informed and enthusiastic to make some positive improvements to our own engagement plans in 2019.

Following the success of these events, next year we will be developing a number of additional seminar themes focused on driving customer value and maximise sales growth.

Peter Holland

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