Let’s Create Your Best Managers Ever!

You’ve spotted an individual with talent in your team, he or she does a great job.

“I’m sure they’d make an excellent manager!” you say.

Well maybe…you see creating great managers simply by selecting people who are very competent in their roles often doesn’t work out. This new role of managing others is a completely different skill set to the one they are currently preforming.

To create great managers, you have to intentionally develop them in several areas.

(By way of example let’s talk about developing sales managers. But I’ve applied these principles to develop managers in a wide range of roles.)

Today, let’s focus on just three key areas:

  1. Communication – One fundamental skill is the ability to communicate clearly and effectively with a wide range of personalities both internally and also externally. This understanding will enabling them to have positive conversations and get real rapport across the team. This will be vital in delegating, providing feedback and motivating others. https://www.linearstructure.com/how-do-you-give-advice/
  2. Manage the data. – Ultimately, sales management is data driven. So, helping a new manager understand how the data and CRM reporting give insight into the sales activities in the field is essential. They need to know how to achieve sales targets based on setting specific sales objectives and linking them to the appropriate sales activities. Then they will be able to give clear direction to their team. By measuring these activities, they will have the metrics to track performance, giving them visibility and control over their team. https://www.linearstructure.com/like-the-emperors-new-clothes-is-your-crm-giving-you-a-false-sense-of-control/
  3. Coach for growth. – To be able to take a group of individuals and help them raise their performance to the next level is ultimately the true value a manager can bring to any company. So, providing ongoing training and support along with the tools to help your new manager is vital. This often requires a mind-set change; I believe too often salespeople have not been managed well. Therefore, new managers need to learn how to work collaboratively with their team rather than by cross examination and finger pointing. https://www.linearstructure.com/if-youre-not-investing-in-your-sales-manager-youre-missing-a-trick/

Creating great managers will require your commitment, but the value it delivers far outweighs the investment involved. You can literally multiply their talent and expertise throughout your entire organisation. Now that’s worth thinking about! If this subject is relevant to you feel free to reach out to me and let’s share experiences and some fresh ideas on how you can achieve your 2020 goals. peter.holland@linearstructure.com

By Peter Holland – Linear Structure

Copywrite October 2019

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